About Me

I feel we all have this one shot to make the most of every moment as they come our way: every chance encounter, every challenge, every prayer, every tear shed, every biz op, every heart skip a beat moment, and every laugh till you wet your pants memory!  If I had an anthem it would be Lee Ann Womack singing, “When you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance…”

Thankfully, I’ve been incredibly inspired through the years to live this life filled with gratitude, looking for the joy in the journey, and making every moment count to become the best person I can be—notice I didn’t say “perfect” person, just the best that I can be in any given situation.  I’ve been incredibly inspired by our wildly Faithful God, by crazy loving friends, by every single day at the beach, by take-your-breath-away scenic drives in the RV, by running my fingers through the hair of my beloved aunt as she passed from this life, by simply lying on my back in the outfield grass at dusk, holding hands in prayer with my hubby, or standing over the bedside of a sleeping grandbaby full of emotion too deep for words….

The list is endless. Moments of inspiration are in each breath we take and every memory we hold dear.

It is these incredibly inspired moments that make all the difference in this great, big, fat, beautiful life—Thus what proves special to me will hopefully prove to be special and inspiring to you, too.

You should also know that I never miss a chance to plug a quote, a verse, or a song, so you can expect to see quite a lot of great ones!