Oily Kisses

Children come to us with tear filled eyes, and say, “I got a boo-boo!” And we say,
“Show me where it hurts and I’ll kiss it all better.”
And they do.
And we do.
And it is. All better.
We know that emotions are stored throughout our bodies. We don’t just feel
heartsore, we have other “issues” and “conditions” and are seriously impacted by
unresolved negative emotions—some areas more than others…
Anger affects the liver
Worry affects the stomach
Grief/sorrow affects the lungs
Fear affects the kidneys/adrenals
Stress affects the skin, heart, and brain
Bitterness affects the bones
Just to name a few
You’ve felt it, haven’t you?
Ask yourself, “Show me where it hurts and I’ll kiss it all better.”
Then apply your essential oil of choice to that area—kiss it with oil, so to speak,
and release the negative emotion so it can be “all better.”
Gently rub a couple of drops of oil between your palms and inhale the kiss of
emotional release as you exhale the anger, worry, fear…whatever emotion is
causing you pain.
When we’re experiencing negative emotion, our body frequency is lowered.
Essential oils vibrate at some of the highest levels on the planet. When we inhale
or apply an oil it will clear the negative emotion, harmonizing our lower frequency
to vibrate at the higher frequency which is an amazing gift to our mental function,
physical well-being, and emotional balance.
C’mon! Kiss it and make it all better!
Oil Choices:
Cedarwood, lavender, clary sage, bergamot, ylang-ylang, thyme

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