A Question That Will Transform Your Life

It’s been said that one question can change your whole life–so my question to you is, “Who would you be without your story?”  Often we hear stories from people about great triumph over news-worthy tragedy, soulful healing from unspeakable grief, crazy laughter from emotions too deep for tears, and the miracle man who walks again against all odds.  I could write books of their stories, but thankfully, they’ve already been written.  They are stories that inspire us, provoke us, motivate us, spur us on, move us with fantastic zeal to thoughts of “if they could then I can!”  And you’d be right.  Beautifully, wonderfully, powerfully right!

But–oh, that unfortunate proverbial but.  More often than not we already have our own stories.   Stories that are not just written on our minds, but engraved there as with the claws of a ravaging beast.  Stories of inadequacy, unworthiness, irrelevance, inferiority, rejection, betrayal, ugliness. Stories that read like the Who’s Who of “Not ever good enough.” And if we’re one of the lucky ones ours reads a little better as, “Not good enough, yet.”  It’s the carrot dangling at the end of our hopes and dreams and grand intentions that we’re still too shaky to run after.  However, I ask you to gently consider the words of the wonderful Byron Katie, “Who would you be without your story?”

The Bible tells us that the truth will make us free–and with freedom anything is possible!  But as long as we are bound up in the lies of our own stories we can never be truly free.  And let there be no doubt about it–the debilitating stories in our mind are not true.  I know.  I had them myself.  And it doesn’t matter where they originated, from what circumstance, or who said them–any story that makes us feel ugly, useless, unlovable, incapable, worthless, inferior, and a host of other hurtful adjectives is a lie.  Any story that makes us feel that hope and possibilities are just for everyone else is a lie.

It’s just that we’ve lived with the lie for so long we become comfortable with it.  It becomes our excuse or refuge from the risk of being vulnerable and brave, from the risk of doing something that might prove the story could be untrue.  Ironically, we don’t want the story to be true and yet we seem willing to let our dreams live in the shadows because we don’t want to do anything that might actually prove the story to be true–we just live as though it is!  Yet, if we don’t step out of the shadows, we will continue to believe it’s true, anyway, right? Our reality has already become the story whether proven true or not. In our heart of hearts, we truly do not want to believe it, and yet, we’re living it already as though it is reality if we are allowing our story to keep us down, hold us back, fill us with negative, life-sucking, heart-breaking self-talk, and squelch our hopes and dreams and potential.

So again, I want to emphasize that any story we hold that keeps us from all we could be is a lie.  A bold-faced, no doubt about it lie.

We all can choose at any moment to be courageous, to take a step into the light and feel the sun upon our soul, bringing new life to those dreams buried in the shadows. I want to encourage you to be willing to let the Book of Truth rewrite the story of who you are and truly let the truth make you free!  You are fearfully and wonderfully made…all things are possible for you…God has a plan for you, a plan for hope and a future…He has given you the desires of your heart…the Creator of heaven and earth is on your side and if God is for you who can be against you?!

So who would you be without your story?  You’d be free!  Free to hope, free to dream, free to create, free to make your dreams come true, free to be all you were created for, free to fulfill your purpose, free to set other people free, free to help others be all they can be by helping them see the truth of their stories–you’d be free!   Taste freedom and see how delicious it is! Sing of freedom–dance freely–love freely–become financially free–speak of freedom–be a free spirit–FREE!

Stop and genuinely ask yourself: Who would I be without my story?  What would I do without my story? Where could I go in life without my story? How could I benefit others without my story?

A free, unchained mind will create amazing things.  And dreams set free become reality.

Who would you be without your story?  I ask you to find out. Don’t wait– Find out.  Let it be true of you that you grabbed this moment to set yourself free to be all you’ve ever wanted to be–Because I promise you that you can.

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